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Ben mercer

Film editor / Drum & Colours Ltd

"My approach to the nature and method of editing can be summed up in three words:



I hold there can be, and is, a rational and objective approach to film editing, that inspires the emergence of the unexpected.


A kind of original beauty out of structural discipline and non-partisan principles."

–Ben Mercer

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In addition to my normal role as film editor, screenwriters, producers and directors alike also employ me for dramaturgical analysis on script development and offline cuts.



I regularly give lectures on the dramaturgy of editing.

My practical knowledge and experience of the editorial logistics of feature films on- and off-location is also a skill much in demand. Here are some links to some recent talks I’ve given in Barcelona and Amsterdam.



I have received two Finnish Film Academy Award nominations for Best Editing for my work on ”Naked Harbour” and ”Unknown Soldier”.

The latter film brought home the award.

In 2017 I was awarded an honorary distinction at the Voitto Awards for my life's work in commercial editing by the Association of Independent Producers in Finland (SATU ry)


Latest Work

"Niko - Beyond the Northern Lights"

The third instalment from the animation feature series, Niko. 

Director Kari Juusonen.  Cinemaker / Anima.

The film is in postproduction with a target premiere of 2024

"The Inheritance"

Episodes 1 and 4 of a 4-part drama for Channel 5 UK

Starring Robert James-Collier, Gaynor Faye and Jemima Rooper.

Produced by Peer Pressure and Lonesome Pine

 Premiered Fall 2023

"Dance Brothers"

A 10-episode Netflix Series.

Director Taito Kawata. Producer Max Malka / Endemol Shine

Released on Netflix in May 2023

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Previous work (the trailers are not edited by Ben)

Ben Mercer - fcpx editor

Get in touch with me directly or through my agents.

Agent / Siân Gordon 

The Lisa Richards Agency 

London office

Agent / Richard Cook

Dublin office


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