Ben mercer

Film editor / Drum & Colours Ltd

"My approach to the nature and method of editing can be summed up in three words:



I hold there can be, and is, a rational and objective approach to film editing, that inspires the emergence of the unexpected.


A kind of original beauty out of structural discipline and non-partisan principles."

–Ben Mercer



In addition to my normal role as film editor, screenwriters, producers and directors alike also employ me for dramaturgical analysis on script development and offline cuts.



I regularly give lectures on the dramaturgy of editing.

My practical knowledge and experience of the editorial logistics of feature films on- and off-location is also a skill much in demand. Here are some links to some recent talks I’ve given in Barcelona and Amsterdam.



I have received two Finnish Film Academy Award nominations for Best Editing for my work on ”Naked Harbour” and ”Unknown Soldier”.

The latter film brought home the award.

In 2017 I was awarded an honorary distinction at the Voitto Awards for my life's work in commercial editing by the Association of Independent Producers in Finland (SATU ry)


Waiting for theatrical release 

"The Wait" / "Odotus"

A feature film based on a novel by Juhani Aho.

Director/producer Aku Louhimies.  Backmann & Hoderof Andrei Alén.

Co-producer and film editor Ben Mercer / Drum & Colours

The film is complete and waiting for theatrical release as soon as covid restrictions allow. Planned premier April 2022


Previous work (the trailers are not edited by Ben)

Ben Mercer - fcpx editor

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